In 2019 Merici College reached a huge milestone of academic achievement with one student, Rosemary Zielinski, achieving a perfect ATAR result of 99.95–the top ATAR result for the whole of the ACT.

What's more, four students achieved a score of over 99!

We could not be more proud of Rosemary and all our students for their incredible performance. These results are the culmination of a journey taken by faculty and our leadership team to improve academic excellence across our school.


Merici College Year 12 graduating class of 2019

2019 highlights

In 2019 Merici College student, Rosemary Zielinski, achieved a perfect ATAR results off 99.95 - the highest in the ACT.
In 2019 four students from Merici College achieved an ATAR over 99%.
In 2019 55% of students achieved an ATAR over 80.
In 2019 Merici students recieved 5 BSSS awards


A timeline graphic showing key milestones in Merici College's academic transition over the past 8 years. A timeline graphic showing key milestones in Merici College's academic transition over the past 8 years.


At Merici College our measure of success is seeing our students thrive no matter what their goals in life. When it comes to academic excellence we have seen a remarkable increase in results across all metrics since 2014.


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Merici Girls Achieve Amazing Results

Merici girls achieve some amazing things. In 2019 a Merici student achieved the top ATAR result in the whole of the ACT and 4 students achieved an incredible result over 99.


Rosemary Zielinski, Perfect ATAR of 99.95

Rosemary Zielinski

Perfect ATAR of 99.95
Academic Excellence and Highest ATAR Award

Rosemary was a dedicated student who displayed talents holistically across the curriculum. She finished in first place in all her courses - Specialist Mathematics, Specialist Methods, Literature, Chemistry and Physics. Rosemary also completed an ANU Extension Course in Physics. She also represented Australia at the International Physics Olympiad in Israel, bringing home a bronze medal. Outside of the classroom, Rosemary represented the school in debating, Da Vinci Decathlon, Titration Stakes, ANU Maths, the school choir and many ensembles, playing the french horn. She now embarks on a Bachelor of Philosophy degree, majoring in theoretical physics. We wish Rosemary all the best for her bright future.

Jade Esler, ATAR of over 99

Jade Esler

99.8 ATAR

Jade finished as the Runner Up to the Dux. She achieved much both inside and outside the school. Jade finished in first place in her Continuing Italian course and achieved many High Distinctions in all her high school years. She also managed to become Australia’s youngest female solo pilot at the age of 16. Jade also started and ran her own cupcake business at the age of 14. She managed to maintain all of these interests while completing a highly rigorous academic program, including an ANU Extension course in Chemistry. Jade has managed to secure entry into the Air Force Pilot program in 2020, which are highly sought after places. She has contributed enormously to the school across the years through the Cross Age tutoring program and many academic competitions such the Da Vinci Decathlon, Titration Stakes and OzClo.

Japneet Kaur, ATAR of over 99

Japneet Kaur

99.45 ATAR

Japneet has been a diligent and committed student. She has achieved extremely high results and consistent A grades in all her courses - Specialist Mathematics, Specialist Methods, Literature, Chemistry and Legal Studies. Japneet is a humble student who has contributed much to our school community. She has been involved in many areas of the school including debating, philosophy, Da Vinci Decathlon, OzClo, Titration Stakes and the school choir. Japneet is respected by both staff and her peers and is seen as a kind and generous person. She is to be congratulated on her exceptional results.

Japneet Kaur, ATAR of over 99

Lauren Solomon

99.4 ATAR

Lauren is a kind and gentle young woman who achieved exceptional results. She has worked consistently across her two years of college in all her subjects, always open to teachers feedback while showing her curiosity for learning. Lauren completed a demanding subject load of Specialist Mathematics, Specialist Methods, Literature, Chemistry and Continuing French. She is described by staff as a bright, bubbly and extremely caring young woman. Lauren contributed to the school community in many different ways including through the Da Vinci Decathlon, OzClo, and Titration Stakes. Lauren has chosen to study genetics at ANU and we wish her all the best for her future.


AST Completion

94% of students who sat for the AST and completed a T Package received an ATAR of 65+.

18 students who completed a very good Accredited package and 37 students who completed a Tertiary package.

VET (Vocational Education and Training) Achievements

97% of students received a Vocational Qualification, well above all other Colleges in the ACT.

Many of the Year 12 students have already received recognition of Vocational Qualifications in Year 10 and these are included in the percentages.

ASBA (Australian School Based Apprenticeships and Additional Study)

4 students have secured Traineeships and full-time employment from their ASBA/Vocational training into Information Technology, Business Administration and Child Care.

4 students received full time employment in the Department of Finance Career Starter program in 2019.


Olivia Horvat

Olivia Horvat

2019 ACT Vocational Education Student of the Year for her completion of her ASBA in Certificate III in Disability Services at Black Mountain School.

Theresa Carlton

Theresa Carlton

Community Service Award

Ashleigh Lee

Ashleigh Lee

Vocational Studies Award

Zali Marshall

Zali Marshall

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award



55 offers to the Universities through the School’s Recommendation Scheme – 18 students who completed a very good Accredited package and 37 students who completed a Tertiary package.

Of these 37 students, all would have recieved an offer in the December round due to their positive ATAR results.

Merici College students are accepted into top Universities around the country.

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